Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-Eight

Chapter Twenty-Eight “Found”

The sun had started to rise when Hunter got home, sneaking upstairs he found her sound asleep, he smiled picking up the laptop to put it out the way. The light still blinking he opened it up with the intention of turning it off. He stopped when he saw the pages on the screen. Quickly he opened out her search history. He looked at her as though he saw her for the first time. He turned the laptop off and sat beside her stroking her hair, quietly he spoke, “I’ll find a way to save you, to save us, I promise.”
Willows eyes opened slowly conscious of his gaze. He fussed making breakfast and buzzing around her. Realizing she was becoming increasingly agitated by his fussing, he disappeared off to work or so she thought. His quiet return to the underworld with fresh conviction to maintain his throne.


Willow finally achieved her goal she summoned Gray trapping him on his own, it seemed far too easy. Gray smiled, “You got what you wanted, I am here”
“You hired the hit on my parents”

“No, if I wanted to kill them you would have done it with your own hands.”
“Why should I believe you?”

“Because I am the only one surviving who can tell you who did.” His smile became more twisted, more cruel as he spoke. “It was our lord, our crowned master, the son of the devil himself.” His pleasure apparent in her stunned silence. He took her hand and shimmered them down to the empty throne of the son of evil, he flung her in the chair smiling. “Now you will meet our master” he spoke no more as a thundering noise filled the chamber. “What fool dares sit in my throne” Hunter appeared seeing Grays back to him, Gray stepped aside to reveal Willow smiling cruel and twisted.

“You?” the only word she could muster on seeing Hunter’s face change to panic. “Willow I can explain.”
“You ordered my parents dead, you watched me suffer, what kind of sick person does that?”
“This is better than reality T.V” Grays last words as both Willow and Hunter threw a fire ball straight through his chest before he burst into the black flames from Hunter’s hands.

Willow turned to leave but Hunter caught her wrist. “There is an uprising, they are after you, thanks to your hunting. Sit beside me, on the throne it’s the only way to save yourself”
“You have no alliance with good, you must form one with me, marry me, I can protect you, we can rule the underworld together.” Willow couldn’t speak she could barely breath. “End your days with me and you will be safe, say you will be beside me always and I can save you, it’s that or die, not at my hands, but from the ripple you caused.”
“You killed my parents”
“You try my patience, always! Will you just make your choice, marry me and be saved, make the choice.”
“Is that a yes?”
“Fine” the tears streamed down her cheeks as he kissed her, she slumped down to the ground.

“We will be safe, you, me and the baby I won’t let them harm you.” Her eyes burned with floods of tears as he smiled walking from the chamber into the court ahead filled with demons who had clearly been eavesdropping, they congratulated him on finally getting the alliance he had been planning.

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