Counting Corvids Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Seven “Back Where It All Began”


Willow sat cradling her baby in the middle of the circle resting in Oliver’s arm, watching the magpies flying around the circle tightly, dancing through the air. For a few minutes they were sat blissfully happy, exhausted but happy.

Beyond the magpies the all too familiar figure of Hunter arrived, struggling to get through the magpies. In a surge of power he had summoned his friends, his own birds, crows started attacking the magpies, disrupting their formation and flight.

Scattered just enough Hunter forced his way into the circle. Hunter summoned the little baby wrapped in its blanket asleep. Screaming at his touch Willow pulled herself from the ground and took the crying baby from him, instantly quietening the crying. Willow handed the baby to Oliver and made him promise to keep the baby safe no matter what. Willow strained and exhausted summoned a cloud of magpies that sheltered and protected Oliver and her baby before facing Hunter. “You can’t take that baby away from me forever, or are you forgetting something?”
“She’s not yours”

“What?” Truly volatile he struggled to comprehend her words.

“She’s not yours, she never was” Hunter made to go for her but found himself under attack of Willows potions exploding against him. In plumes of black and violet fire he fizzled into nothingness. The crows disappeared.

Willow relaxed the enchanted magpies and touched Oliver’s shoulder, he stood and kissed her holding their daughter between them. Willow Caroline Weyward-James, Oliver James and their little girl, Halina Gabriel James shimmered away against the setting sun as the moon shone a little blue against the stone circle while the final streaks of ruby red sunset disappeared.

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