The Diary of Elliot Parker

.: Entry One-Hundred and Twenty :.

My name is Elliot Parker. Life is beginning to change, really change. I have been making more of an effort to feel good and do more things that make me happy. That sounds strange to me still. Doing what makes me happy means that I am also being more selfish in what I find acceptable. That means that, I have been walking away and standing my ground when I need to. At work I am more considering what is right or good for me. Now that means being less of a “yes” girl when it comes to overtime or favours. It means saying “no” more often.

It means that my relationship with Clover has degenerated and disintegrated a lot now. Honestly I haven’t responded since she didn’t even bother to read the message that said I wasn’t well enough for a last meeting and she basically said she wasn’t going. Didn’t even bother to read my message at all. Hence why now I don’t bother responding to the odd selfie she sends of herself, I just leave her to it and leave her on read. I don’t see the point.  Life has become much quieter and a little less dramatic. I am sort of glad that she bailed so “spectacularly” for dinner with Dyl and I, it makes it easier to confirm my suspicion. She only hits me up when she wants something, like her birthday presents that was the last time I saw her and the first time I had seen her in ages. So I would guess she will only bother with me close to Christmas when she wants presents again.

My name is Elliot Parker and I am certainly proud of myself. I stopped self-destructing when it comes to relationships I no longer seem to be self-sabotaging. Things with Dyl seem to just keep getting better, getting stronger. I love him and I can’t imagine my life without him now. I know when he asks, I will say yes. There is no way I think I would ever be able to say no to him when he asks. Imagining a future together feels like fun and excitement.

I feel like more recently I have started to practice my deliberate creation again. This morning I meditated and just let it take me where it wanted to lead. I am making a conscious effort for positivity. Sounds like a simple solution right? Being positive. So perhaps for one last time. Let’s go on a little rampage, for old time’s sake.

My name is Elliot Parker. I am a deliberate creator. I am brilliant at creating my experience. I know that I am creating ease in my life. I am allowing myself to feel good. I am releasing all that does not serve me. I take pleasure in my manifestations. I have chosen this experience. I have chosen this life, this place, these people that I interact with. I have deliberately chosen the world that I live in. I have created my financial stability. I have created my financial prosperity. My abundance is growing exponentially and I am great at managing my money. Money is something fun, it is ease and freedom. Money flows easily and consistently. It is easy to have more than I need. This feeling of ease around money is fun and abundant and serves me well. I like being in charge of my experience. I appreciate that I manifested Dyl in my life. He is wonderful and incredible and kind and funny and gentle and loving and I appreciate his existence in the universe. I appreciate that he loves me and I love him and there is no resistance between us. I love that Dyl and I share our lives and allow our experience to be fun and exciting.

I am enjoying my experience. I am creating a career that is a vocation for me. I am creating a career that increases my abundance of time, of money and of fun. I am creating a career that doesn’t feel like work, I am creating a career that feels like fun and freedom and I am ready for it. I am ready as I am now in this time and place to enjoy my new vocation with ease and acceptance. I am ready for the next stage in my work life that will bring all that I need and desire in my life. I am ready to evolve again and find a new way of living that feels wonderful. I am open to enjoying my career growing, I am open to enjoying the fun and inspiration as my career blossoms. I am loving the feeling of expanding my world. I am bringing more money and more time in my life to just enjoy myself. Work no longer feels like work.

I am enjoying this fun, free, prosperous experience. I am enjoying my time “off”. I am achieving new unchartered waters of happiness and fun. I am enjoying writing this rampage because it feels so good to acknowledge my natural wellbeing. I am enjoying making new things and reading new things and watching new entertaining things. I am enjoying in partaking in creating my own entertainment. I am enjoying these words. I am feeling the value of this rampage. I am feeling the value of knowing what I desire. I am feeling the value of knowing what I have manifested is pleasurable. I am enjoying this experience. I am ready to say yes to all that is wanted. I am better at holding my attention to what is wanted than I have ever been before. I am eager and excited to enjoy my experience.

I am ready to move forward to new adventures. I know that this is the start of something new and exciting and incredible and there is no such thing as an ending. Nothing ends, it is always a beginning; new, old or unseen there is always a new day a new moment and our desires are never ending there is no ending to the wonderful things that we are manifesting and bringing into our experience here together.

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