Halloween… A month Later

So time for the low down on what happened on Halloween.

I didn’t really feel my best, I felt bloated and fat in everything I tried on, so I decided to wear leggings and I instantly felt way more comfortable. I wore my blue birthday dress which had room in it for dinner. Sure it wasn’t “the blue dress” that I have been trying to fit into. I got my nails done and they were a nice matte navy colour. My hair wouldn’t behave at all. it ended up being tied into a simple ponytail and adding a few flowers, no idea how it actually looked. But I wear pony tails practically everyday.

So the morning didn’t really go to plan. But the trains were running perfectly on time for us, we got in to London early. We went and saw the fantastic beasts wands outside St Paul’s cathedral. I hate to say this, but it wasn’t quite what my other half and I thought it would look, it didn’t live up to our expectations, but chocolate moochi balls from wasabi made up for that… Turns out we really like them.

So, as nicely as we both were dressed, we definitely felt like we stuck out like a sore thumb when we reached the Savoy, very out of place. But I think some of that might have been a bit from the morning of not feeling great. But that being said, we had an amazing evening. The building is beautiful and grand but that is nothing compared to how amazing the food tasted.

The meal started with an amuse bouche of a lamb croquette, gorgeous! So delicouse. The staff were so amazing and attentive, they really were incredible. The starter, we both got the same, a seafood raviolo with lobster vinaigrette and tomato (fondue? or something like that), truly amazing and delicious. Oh did I mention the bread basket, the bread was so gorgeous, warm and so perfect. So mains, the other half had steak (which was delicious) and I had pork cheeks with mashed potato and pickled turnip. Turns out I don’t like pickled turnip. But the side order of chips were delicious but I didn’t love the mushroom side simply because I don’t like basil, and it had basil oil on but aside from that it was delicious. Oh but pudding… Spiced apple Eton mess. PERFECTION, I could have that again in a heartbeat. So beautiful. If I could eat any meal again it would be that one.

The show, The Phantom of the Opera, well that was incredible, the cast were great, I really loved the way Christine wasn’t the “weak” character, neither was Raoul, they were played in a way that was refreshing, strong, protective. The other half and I however found that the Phantom was very over emotional for us. I think for me, the Phantom however bruised and broken he is, is a very strong character. I think Ramin Karimloo will always be my Phantom, and that’s ok, but it is also a very big bench mark.

Halloween was an incredible night, I loved it and it was the best way to have a last blow out date for the year.

Whats on your mind?

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