Darling Daughters

Chapter Thirty-Three


Summer and Cassandra had been sat on the freshly mended porch swing that Simon had fixed that morning. Elizabeth wasn’t in the mood to hang out with Summer and Cassandra who were now sat watching the town go by with a glass in one hand and bottle of wine in the other.

“Hey isn’t that Zach?”

“Where? Oh, yeah it is.”

“He’s cute, what happened?”

“It was a long time ago; we didn’t work out.”

“Oh that’s a shame. I bet you looked cute together.”

“I guess. Let’s go inside its too cold out here.” Summer stood up and Cassandra followed after her.

Putting the wine on the side Cassandra helped Summer set up the spare bed. It was a bit trickier to achieve with the slightly drunk sway and giggle. Eventually it got done. They flopped onto the bed.

“Cass, you deserve better than him, he’s a jerk”

“Oh, Jamie, yeah I kind of figured.”

“Good cos you don’t deserve it you know.”

“Neither do you, the competition is stupid.”

“It still exists though.” Cassandra hugged Summer not knowing how to reply. “You feeling thirsty?” Cassandra smiled, “pink or red? Or… I think we have some whiskey?”

Cassandra winced when Summer brought the bottle and two smaller glasses over. “Do we have to?”

“Nope. Want me to get you something else.”

“Nah” Cassandra shook her head and took the bottle from Summer pouring herself a small glass, she took Summer’s and topped it up. “Have some more you need it.”

“Gee thanks.” Cassandra poured more into Summer’s glass.

A few moments passed, strangling themselves on the burn of the whiskey. “Summer, have you ever you know?”


“Done it?”

“Have you?”

“I asked first.”

“No. You?”

“Yeah, Jamie. How bad does that suck?”

“So bad, I am so sorry for you honey.”

“Don’t. I wish I was like you.”

“No you don’t, at least you’re not a competition.”

“So, they still want you. No one wants me, I’m unwantable.”

“No you’re not, you are very wantable.”

“I’m not”

“Shut up. You are.”

Cassandra looked into Summer’s eyes, testing to see if she was being genuine. She was. She could feel it. Summer was radiating warmth. Summer hiccupped and giggled. Cassandra pulled the strands of hair away from Summer’s face.

Rather clumsily, Summer leant towards Cassandra aiming to kiss her on the cheek but missed, she caught her ear instead. They laughed. “College experience” Cassandra muttered and returned Summer’s kiss on her lips.

Cassandra smiled and kissed her again.



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